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The Seeker II: Apocalype


For immediate release: Trece Racing Society presents a short movie The Seeker 2 – an uplifting story set in epic scenery, inspired by true friendship and told by Pol Tarrés’ badass riding

The Seeker 2: Answer The Call!

Rellinars, 11. 11. 2021

Fiercely focused on his calling, the 28-year old who took the adventure riding to a whole new level, continues on his peaceful crusade against naysayers, unconditionally backed up by his visionary tribe.

The latest product of this chemistry, the highly anticipated sequel to The Seeker, turned out to be a perfect mix of action, adventure and comedy, topped with some sentimental ingredients. “Our goal was simply to surpass The Seeker,” explains Javi Echevarría, the creative engine behind the project. “People were teasing us that the sequel could be a total fiasco. What can you give to the public once you have given your 100 percent? Well, you give a 110. Technically, the project was quite a challenge – and to think that most of the scenes were not possible to repeat because of the risks. The mutual trust between the rider and the team at the end made the impossible possible. On the other hand, the movie is also a spontaneous diary of friendship, the core theme of The Seeker 2. I guess I will just have to admit: we had fun!”

Let’s us then first tell the story behind the story, one about how a kind and selfless action can change a human life. “Gerard had a difficult life and found solace in drugs,” recalls Pol Tarrés. “My father noticed his pain, so we gave him work and found him a place to reconnect back to life. For me, I got the greatest ally and friend. He often came to the gym with me, till, one evening, we said our last good night. The next morning, Gerard did not wake up. He was only 44. Authentic and generous, he marked all our lives, so we are dedicating this project to him. We all know he would enjoy so much being part of this movie. He would love to see Ahikar in his role! To be honest, we kind of hope that after watching the movie you’ll think about the true meaning of life and, why not, call a friend. If I think about what really counts in life, it amounts to a very few things. People, actually. Family, friends, and adventure with friends.”

Speaking of meaning, Pol’s ride along the ridge with sheer drops either side above the famous Algarve beach means nothing but a total oneness of man and machine. Completely in control of mind, body and clutch, Pol even did it twice to give the crew extra footage. “When you shoot extremely challenging stuff, you will always feel a bit frustrated, because the camera won't ever be able to capture all of his greatness. Most of the times, you only have one chance,” explains Javi.

Anyway, if it wasn’t for Javi, Pol’s greatest talent might have not come to light. He knew that Pol had something special to give to the world. The big secret of why the giant of extreme riding in the saddle of Yamaha Ténéré 700 is ultimately leaving traces of tires in the most unreachable places, is simple, yet can’t be learned. Pol knows how to get in the flow, and to stay there, regardless the pressure. “As I stood at the foot of the almost vertical wall, I said I wouldn’t do it, even for a million dollars. In the end, on the top, I screamed twice with joy! I always feel insanely happy when I discover a new personal high. I am just sorry I didn't have a flag to mark the greatest adventure of our team so far.”

It wouldn't work without trust, as it wouldn’t work with all standard bike parts. “We replaced the suspensions, installed narrow wheels and Akrapovic’s exhaust. Not really much, but it helped me big time. I think I deserve it,” laughs Pol.

Well, maybe the camera really couldn’t capture all 110 percent of his greatness, but it certainly captured the spirit of friendship in its purest form.

Call a friend and go out for a ride!

Today is the day.

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