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The Last Ride - Dead Man Riding


Towards the end of 2021 me and Jack were introduced to Mike (Dead Man Riding) by a mutual friend, as he was interested in getting us to film his first time on the brand new Harley-Davidson Pan America.
However, this would be more than just a ride. Mike was a motorcycle enthusiast with a young son and a budding motorcycle business when he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. He wanted us to film what would likely be this last ride on a motorcycle.
What was supposed to be a short video of him riding, quickly became something a lot bigger. We planned to follow Mike around the South Island of New Zealand on a three day trip, on and off road, filming everything. What we ended up with was an hour long movie.
The project asked a lot of everyone involved, especially Mike. But we created something we were all incredibly proud of.
With help from some others involved in the project it has been viewed almost 100,000 times, but we're determined to get it seen as far and wide as possible.
So here I am sharing it again. We'd love it if you could grab some tissues and give it a watch.

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