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The House That Built Me: The Tyler Bereman Story


The story of Tyler Bereman is one about acceptance, in a sense. He keeps an open mind, and he’s full of passion for everything that involves being on two wheels. As a former supercross racer who pivoted to free riding, Tyler’s covered all his bases. Whether it was while he was a member of The Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle Club or while flying toward an X Games gold medal, he hasn’t limited himself to one style of riding. A lethal combination of style, speed, and the most precise bit of technical prowess, all baked in to produce the well-rounded athlete that Tyler is today.

The House That Built Me highlights Tyler’s small-town origins in Templeton, on the Central Coast of California. Featuring interviews with Tyler’s family and industry legends like Robbie Maddison and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, the film unearths who he really is, and all the people and events that have shaped him along the way.

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