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My Way with @996Roadtrip


Roadtripping across Utah never felt so good. Brock Keen grew up in love with the open road. But nothing on the road quite captured his attention like a Porsche. We take a deep dive into Brock's life on the road and what drives him daily to pursue a roadtripping life, and why he chooses to roadtrip and go camping in a Porsche 996 with a rooftop tent.

A huge thanks to Gyeon for making this project happen, along with Overcrest Rally for letting us crash their sports car party with a film crew... and a 2005 Astro van.

And if you enjoyed this Utah roadtrip film, you are going to LOVE Brock and my watch party, behind the scenes breakdown, podcast, vlog... a vlog-cast!

Next Friday (February 24), Part One will go live on @996Roadtrip 's YouTube, with Part 2 going live right here! So be sure to Like and Subscribe for a deep dive into how every bit of this project came together.

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