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Inverted Perspective: The Vicki Golden Story


"Inverted Perspective" is a deep dive into Vicki Golden’s powerful rise to the top of the motocross world. An original film from 805 Beer, "Inverted Perspective" uncovers just what it is that makes Vicki tick. Unbeatable on the track, unrelenting on the ramp, and unwavering in her pursuit of being better every day, Vicki's inspired an entire generation of young women riders who now have someone to look up to.

Vicki Golden’s decorated career as a five-time X Games gold medalist begins as innocently as most. Family days at the track sparked a desire to be the best rider she could be. Eventually, her dedication to all things two wheels and unwillingness to be put in a separate category elevated her to every conversation in the moto world.

But giving Vicki the proper amount of credit in text alone would be not only a ridiculous task, but it’d also be a disservice to her. From being the first woman to qualify for Supercross, the first woman to medal in X Games Best Whip, and the first woman to be invited to Red Bull Imagination, Vicki has to be seen to be believed. Thankfully, a film speaks for itself and helps keep things within any mandated word count. And that’s just what we’ve been lucky to create with her here.

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